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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Aquarium Freshwater Fish Species

Left Coast Waters
All Freshwater Species

African Jewelfish - The jewelfishes from Africa are some of the most beautiful, and most bellicose, of the cichlids. While bimaculatus was the original jewelfish introduced into the hobby many years ago, there are now a number of other species available. They all behave the same and require the same conditions.
Angelfish – Angelfish - Long a favorite among aquarists, the angelfish is a tall fish that can be kept in a community setting, as long as its tankmates are not overly aggressive or habitual fin nippers. Fast-swimming fish may also make an angelfish nervous and may out-compete it for food.
Arowana - The Arowana (Osteoglossum bicirrhosum) is a long and beautiful fish known for its voracious appetite and constant surface skimming, looking for things to fit into its mouth. It is native to waterways of the Amazon River and other areas in South America as well as Southeast Asia and Australia.
Bala Shark - Also known as the tricolor shark or silver shark, the young bala shark is a staple item in most aquarium stores. However, this fish is a poor choice for most aquaria
Barb - Barbs are freshwater tropical fish within the genera Barbus and Puntius. They are very popular aquarium inhabitants, and the group includes well-known species such as the tiger barb and cherry barb.
Betta - The betta, also known as the Siamese fighting fish, has become a popular fish among hobbyists primarily because of the male’s beautiful colors and lavish finnage.
Black Molly - The black molly (Poecilia sphenops) is a hybrid variation of the sailfin molly. It is a small fish, with males reaching about three inches in length and females slightly smaller.
Black Tetra - The black tetra has been a popular staple of the aquarium hobby for many years. Commercial breeders have developed different color varieties (unfortunately, including the “blueberry” and other dyed fish), and there are long-finned specimens
Blackline Penguinfish - The blackline penguinfish is also called Boehlke’s penguinfish, false penguin tetra and hockey sticks. This species needs at least a 20-gallon aquarium for a small group of six or more fish. This fish is hardy and sticks to the upper waters of the community aquarium.
Bleeding Heart Tetra - The bleeding heart tetra is a hardy, peaceful, schooling species that should be kept in groups of six or more. It does extremely well when kept with other peaceful fish, such as Megalamphodus, Corydoras and Nannostomus species.
Blind Cave Tetra - he blind cave tetra is a schooling species that is a little too aggressive for the normal tetra community. It is best kept in a group of three to six individuals in a tank with other robust fish, such as small cichlids, livebearers, barbs and catfish.
Blue Gourami - The blue gourami is a robust fish that should be kept with other hardy, but mildly aggressive, community tank fishes. When kept with active, aggressive fishes it will often retreat to a corner and hide. House only one male per aquarium, as this species has a tendency to fight with one another.
Bosemans Rainbowfish - Description: The front half of Melanotaenia boesemani's body is blue, and the back half is yellow-orange. In some specimens, you may also see a stripe or two of silver-black scales.
Brichardi Cichlid - Description: Neolamprologus brichardi is called brichardi cichlid, princess of Burundi and fairy cichlid. This moderately aggressive pale brown cichlid is elongate and has clearly defined scales.
Bronze Cory – In the wild, most Corydoras swim in schools of several dozen or more, and similar conditions should be duplicated in the home aquarium. The Corydoras aeneus should be kept in a group of six or more with other community tank fish, such as small characins, livebearers and rasboras.
Buenos Aires Tetra - The Buenos Aires tetra is now provided to the hobby almost exclusively from fish farms in Florida, which means it usually has been raised in alkaline, hard water. It will, however, adapt back to its original conditions of neutral soft water.
Cardinal Tetra - The cardinal tetra is probably the world’s favorite tropical fish in terms of numbers kept. Many hobbyists have at some point in time, kept cardinal tetras. And, while they have been bred, they have never been bred in commercial quantities.
Catfish - Catfish are very recognizable and popular aquarium inhabitants. They belong to the order Siluriformes, and include a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater catfish families.
Cherry Barb - As with many other fish, the cherry barb is now almost exclusively raised commercially in the Far East and Florida. If you ever have a chance to procure wild stock, purchase them and you will see what their true colors are. That said, the cherry barb that is in the hobby now is a beautiful fish.
Cichlid - Cichlids are mainly freshwater tropical fish from the family Cichlidae.
Clown Barb The clown barb is a very active, medium-size, elegant species that should be kept with similar-size species that also prefers warmer water.-
Clown Knifefish - The Clown Knifefish is one of the true monster fishes that are available in the aquatic hobby. The cute little ones that are sold at your local fish store at 4” to 5” will very quickly grow, and grow, and grow, and eventually you will have a 24” fish on your hands.
Clown Loach - The clown loach is an active schooling fish that is best kept in small groups (three to six fish). It will tolerate tankmates of other species, although docile species may become agitated by the constant activity of this fish.
Colombian Tetra / Red- Blue Columbian Tetra – The Colombian Tetra (also known as the Red-Blue Colombian Tetra – but since it is the only fish called “Colombian Tetra” I see no reason to add “Red-Blue” to its name) is a large, peaceful tetra that comes from the Acandi River Basin in Colombian, in South America.
Congo Tetra – The Congo Tetra is one of the few “tetras” that comes from Africa, and is definitely the best known and most frequently kept in aquariums; most tetras come from South America. The Congo Tetra is a strikingly beautiful fish, large and full-bodied with flowing fins.
Convict Cichlid – The convict cichlid is often the first fish a budding aquarist breeds — they are almost impossible to keep from reproducing.
Cory – Cories are South American catfish of the family Corydoradinae. They are temperate and tropical armoured catfish. Cories are the most popular catfish for aquaria, and most species remain relatively small. It is recommended that they be kept in small schools rather than individually.